Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Emily's Date/Almond/Bacon thingies

My sweet, pregnant, daughter-in-law, Emily decided to make a little dish for our family to enjoy. I'm not sure if there is an official name, so I'm just calling them the date/almond/bacon thingies.

Guess what the ingredients are?You guessed correctly: Dates, almonds, and baconI'm not sure if Gabe was saying he wanted 2 of them, or if he wanted his sweet wife to make 2 batches, or if he was saying "PEACE, BROTHER", or if he just wanted to be in the picture.Emily started by stuffing an almond in each date.
This worked best on a Texas cutting board.See how snug those almonds are? Kind of like a baby in utero...nice and snug inside its mama. Um, wonder what made me use that analogy?

Gabe felt he needed to supervise, or give advice...not sure. It doesn't appear that Emily was appreciating this...assistance.
Once the almonds were stuffed inside their cocoon, Emily cut the bacon into just the right size. I think she basically cut off the fattier ends...of course, this was done on a Texas cutting board.You may notice that Emily is left handed. I wonder if my little King will be left handed... or right handed like his daddy? We'll have to wait to find out.Emily began to roll the dates in the bacon. She told me we COULD use fancy toothpicks, but since we only had regular-ole-normal-colored-plain toothpicks, we skipped that step.
She sprayed the cookie sheet with PAM.
Here's what the raw, rolled product looks like.
Emily just lined them up on the cookie sheet.
Again, her 'wanna-be assistant' came to check things out.
He tried to do a taste test. Emily put her foot down and informed him that eating raw bacon wrapped around dates stuffed with almonds would probably make him sick. So, he just smiled for the camera.

I think he felt unwanted, unneeded... so he began to walk away. As you can see, Emily was relieved.

Here you can see these little date/almond/bacon thingies getting ready to be popped into the oven.

Now Emily put the oven on BROIL... a medium broil. She said we'd have to watch them since we weren't sure how much time it would take.
One of them tried to move around a bit as she was putting them in the oven...no problemo, she just adjusted their line up.
Gabe's back.

He informed his sweet, pregnant wife that she needed to wash her hands after handling the bacon.

She already knew that.
Let's check on these appetizers...

Looks like some of them are about done. We were looking for the bacon to be cooked.
Yum, yum... I think this one needed a little extra time, but once they were done, they were TASTEY!
The combination of the nutty, sweet, salty flavors.... definitely a treat!

Thanks, Emily! Those were delicious!

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